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Sydney is nearly one year old and she is finally really starting to get into stuff. Usually its funny — until she came out sucking on a bottle of the chemical that removes ich (fish disease) from our aquarium. So Dad has begun to drill into anything that Sydney gets into. Ironically, when I am doing the work, Sydney is … Read More

Faster, Please

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Since Sydney enjoys being outside so much, Mom decided that she would like to take Syd for bike rides this summer. So that means we have to buy more gear…just what I like to do! So we went to the bike shop and picked out a nice Trek hybrid bike for Mom and a bike trailer for Sydney. I hooked … Read More

Just Chillin

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Ahh, nothing like chillin on the couch with your best friends. You see I was just reunited today with my best bunny friends after a near fatal accident. Mommy rescued the bunnies from a near drowning yesterday in my toilet. Mommy swears I know how they got there but I promise I have no knowledge of this incident. I look … Read More

You Can’t Stop Me

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Sydney is constantly on the go nowadays. She cannot even stop long enough for a diaper change. Once the diaper is off she is up and on the go. As you can see she prefers the buff. Although, I don’t think our carpets can take the constant dripping. At least today she is carrying her Herbie cup along just in … Read More

I Love You, You Love Me…

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OK, OK, Grandmas. We hear you are going through Sydney withdrawals so here are some new photos. Not much new is going on right now so here are some pics with her best friend, Barney. Syd found Barney at the toy store and was not gonna let Mommy leave there without him. She walks around holding him all day long … Read More