My First Cold

By KimA Day in the Life6 Comments

We knew she had to get sick sooner or later. Her nose is constantly running and she has a raspy cough. Other then being much more whiney then normal she still sleeps through the night and plays as though nothing is wrong. To add even more discomfort, she also broke through two new top teeth last week. So instead of … Read More

I Already Have a Boyfriend

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

Kids always seem to look for other kids. Sydney saw this boy at dinner last night at a nearby table. He walked over to check him out. So we put Sydney down and she stood there and looked back at him. Everyone was surprised since she is only 10 months old and walking.

Whatcha Readin

By BrandonVisits1 Comment

Sydney was curious about the book that Wes was reading during his visit. As always, Sydney loves to have other people around to manipulate and show off in front of.

Personal Photographer

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Tonight, we had dinner in Boulder. While waiting for our table, we hung out at the bookstore. Wes is visiting this weekend and snapped this picture of Mom and Sydney. Its nice to have a someone else take the pictures for a change.

Forget the Walker

By BrandonMilestones2 Comments

Sydney likes the new walker but more often she doesn’t have the time to go and get it from its parking spot. Watch her get there the old fashioned way. 2004-03-08 — Walking from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.