Get Me Out of Here

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Today, we subjected Sydney to a full day of car travel around the island. We started from the condo at 10 AM and drove all the way around the southern part of the island finishing back home around 8 PM. Dad has the full story. Sydney did great! I wanted to swim with Dad at the pools.

Sunset in Lahaina

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Today was another action packed day. Not really. Sydney slept on the beach for most of the morning while the ladies tanned. The sun is pretty hot, Natalee — sorry. Later in the day, we headed over to Lahaina. It had been at least 24 hours since the ladies shopped. You can’t have Indiana ladies out of stores that long … Read More

My First Day at the Beach

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Today was a beach day. Sydney fell asleep in her first few minutes. After waking up, Mom took her down to the water but the wind and loud waves were a little much. Dad and Mom took Sydney for her first swim today. At first, Syd didn’t like the water much. It was a little cold. Then Mom kept putting … Read More