200th Entry

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

First off, as I was starting this post I noticed that this will be the sites 200th entry. My how time flies.

We are home again and Syd is already asking where we are going next. So, I booked tickets to go see Grandma and Grandpa Coburn and Aunt Sara in Sarasota this April. While there, we will also see Great Grandma at her condo in Fort Myers. We are going to be there Spring Break week so Uncle Dave, Aunt Steph and cousins Ed, Ryan, and Christian will also be coming down for a visit. I tried to talk Syd into visiting at a less hectic time but she insisted on partying with all the Spring Breakers. Geez, you take a kid to Vegas for her first New Year’s and she is suddenly all about the next party. I will try my hardest to keep her away from all the young men for CJ.

Dad also just bought Nascar tickets for the Richmond race in May. Mom and Syd decided to sit this race out. I feel Syd is still too young to be introduced to all those sleeveless T’s, gold teeth and mullets. We are still tagging along for the ride and plan to spend the days sightseeing around the capital. Mom has always wanted to see D.C. and thought this was a great chance to start Syd on her career planning. Can you say… Yes, Ms. President Sydney?

Thought we should keep you up to date on all the new things Syd is attempting. She can now stand up on her own from anywhere. No more need for a table to pull herself up. She now can do this from the middle of the floor without assistance. Of course, this was not good enough she is also trying to take a step once up. Though this is very hard and she is no where close to this attempt. She will have to live with walking around holding onto Mommy’s hands for now. Syd is also eating all sorts of food now. She is tired of baby food and is now eating diced fruits and veggies, any kind of cookie or cracker, and Gerber meat sticks. She now begs (screams) for whatever we are eating as well.

Lastly, she had her 9 month checkup a couple of weeks ago and here are her stats. She weighs 16 lbs. 12 oz. which puts her at the 20th percentile. Her length is at 28 inches right around the 70th percentile. So, she is one long skinny little girl. With this Syd wanted me to add that all you people talking smack about her dating a younger man should now hush. According to the latest post, CJ now weighs in at just over 19 pounds and is about the same length. For being over 3 months younger he is quite the little beefcake, just what Syd loves.