Play That Funky Music

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On Christmas Day, Sydney went to visit Uncle Dick. He played a number of songs for her on his harmonica. She loved it! Anything that makes noise is cool. Wanna hear it yourself? Check out the video. 2003-12-25 — Uncle Dick Plays from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

I Do Not Want To Go Home

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Now Sydney thinks all she should get to do is travel and meet more and more people that think its fun to talk to her. Geez. Here we were at the airport yesterday headed home. She made enough noise on the glass that the guy loading luggage would wave up to her. She decided that she should show him Pooh.

Happy New Year

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So around 8pm on New Year’s Eve, we walked Sydney out onto the strip. The road was shut down and the 300,000 in attendance began partying…and Sydney was one of them. She loved everything about it. People were screaming and she would scream back. She couldn’t stop clapping either. Everybody that walked by said, “Look at that baby!”. She was … Read More