I Can Hold My Own Bottle

By KimMilestones1 Comment

Our new task for the New Year is to slowly begin to ween Sydney. I have started by replacing one nursing a day with the bottle. As you can see Syd is taking to this bottle thing very well. For the first time today, Syd held the bottle by herself and drank it all up. By the way, if you … Read More

Lots of Toys

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Well, Sydney made out well over Christmas. She has plenty of toys that she moves between all day long to keep her busy — and to keep Mom from going insane. This particular contraption was from Grandma and Grandpa Fuller. It plays music and has these shoots for balls to roll through. The dogs enjoy watching it just as much … Read More

My Friend Rachel

By BrandonVisits1 Comment

Tonight, we went over to Brian’s (one of my co-workers) home to have dinner. Sydney was mesmerized by Rachel, who is 2 years old. Babies love to watch what other older kids like to do. It took a while for them to warm up to each other but afterwards they were playing with toys together. At one point, Kim was … Read More

A Girl From Nantucket — Well Almost

By BrandonA Day in the LifeLeave a Comment

In a surprise move, Kim dropped by our old apartment, Nantucket, and took some pictures of Sydney in the park. There is our old apartment up and to the right on the top floor. Mom was threating Sydney that she might have been born up there but Sydney didn’t think that was all bad — a park right behind the … Read More