I Love Christmas

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We are finally getting around to taking pictures of the many Christmas presents Syd got from her many fans. Here are just a couple of things. We will post more in the next few days. We have already shown you the Cruise-n-Crawl from Grandpa and Grandma Fuller.

Grandma and Grandpa Coburn got Sydney the LeapFrog Learning Table. This is without contest one of Syd’s favorite toys yet. She can easily pull herself up to stand on it and is then rewarded with all sorts of activities. Her favorite is a little box that sings when you open or shut the lid. We love to put items in the box to drive Syd crazy. She must promptly pull out anything placed inside the box. Notice the Strawberry Shortcake doll in the foreground which was also from the Coburn’s. Syd is now very afraid of Shortcake, she must have pulled a Chucky on her. 🙂


Here are the blocks from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jamie. These are very cool because each block has something different inside. We love to put these in our mouth and throw them against Mom’s coffee table to make lots of noise. Mom could do without the second activity.


Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts. We will keep posting more pictures for you.