Happy New Year

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So around 8pm on New Year’s Eve, we walked Sydney out onto the strip. The road was shut down and the 300,000 in attendance began partying…and Sydney was one of them. She loved everything about it. People were screaming and she would scream back. She couldn’t stop clapping either. Everybody that walked by said, “Look at that baby!”. She was dressed in her party girl beads. As we walked Sydney and Grandma back to the room before Mom and Dad left to go to the show, Sydney couldn’t stop drawing attention to herself in the casino. She was clapping and screaming. She was very into it.

Sydney and Grandma watched the fireworks from inside the hotel room. Fireworks were launched from the tops of many different hotels simultaneously. Sydney thought they were really cool. When we got back to the room, it was clear that Sydney was partied out!


Bye Bye, Vegas. Man, this kid goes to Vegas on her first New Year’s Eve. How will we top this one?