The Name Game

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Submitter First Name Middle Name Natalee Fuller SierraCaymenMyrtle (None) Charlee Hakes Bella (None) Debi Hirslag Dakota Lynn Herb Fuller TalladegaJessicaChevyTwenty-FourBoogty-Boogty-BoogtyDarlington Phoenix JeanDuPontMonte CarloDarleneWinstonHerberta Carole Fuller ZipporahGomerBathshebaJezabelleKimbra RuthJeanMaryMarie Amy Thompson TheresaBuffyDaleineZoeBristolJarrett MongoDaleBuddyJuniorNot Brooke Roger Bruck Cloud-DancerLittle-Star   Margaret Fuller Cora Belle Eddie Rentschler NadineElaina AutumnLiz Ron Hakes FredaAmber FransecaYvonne Eric Burke jaymzlarzrobbbbbkerkmadison Herb The real answer….we won’t say until she pops … Read More

Belly Update

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Since most have not seen it, there have been many requests for updates.  Let me tell you it was not easy to get these pictures for you.  But Mom stepped up and let it happen on one condition — Dad posed too!  I did have to stick it out as much as I could which usually is a lot but … Read More

Welcome to the baby blog!

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I decided to kill the news section and use my blogging tool to make this easier and hopefully get Kim to post before and after the birth a bit.  My weblog is available here. Hope you find it enjoyable.   You will see comments sections at the ends of the posts.  Feel free to send commments.  Makes it fun!