Who Needs Santa?

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Today, Sydney went around to all of Kim’s family for Christmas parties. She had a blast. We passed her around the room and she never quit showing off. She is a very happy and social baby. Sydney got quite a pile of presents at this first stop of many. I don’t think she will be that concerned about Santa as she gets older — Grandparents seem like they are the ticket to toyland for now.


Sydney had a chance to sit with her Uncle Tom and Aunt Susan. The previous meeting with Uncle Tom did not go so well. Sydney started crying and screaming. Tom sure has a way with the ladies, I guess. This one went much better. Sydney was intrigued by Tom’s glasses.


So yesterday, Christian, Sydney’s cousin for you following along at home, had some playtime with Sydney. It didn’t go so well. Christian started beating my poor daughter up in various ways — especially when Christian saw his own Mommy holding Sydney. Today went much better. Christian received this very exciting bus that he drove around the room. Sydney crawled her little knees off to follow him around with it. At one point, Christian placed the bus up on top of the bench and Sydney — for the first time ever — used the bench to pull herself up to a standing position to touch it. A woman on a mission!