Cracker Barrel Folks

By BrandonVisits2 Comments

The Chairman and First Lady of the Cracker Barrel arrived last night. Guess where they went for dinner? Yep. Here is the Chairman pictured with Sydney and the limited edition Cracker Barrel Beanie Baby. Grandma Coburn brought Santa with her as well. I did not find this very funny. Let me explain. I arrived home at midnight after my flight. … Read More

Half Birthday

By BrandonMilestones4 Comments

As of today, Sydney is 0.5 years old in Dad-speak and 6 months in Mom-speak. Mothers talk in months, you know. A lady we ran into the other day told me that her child was 23 months old. Why do they do that? Isn’t 2 years old close enough that you couldn’t just say that? Oh well. We took Sydney … Read More

Sink Bath

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

A few weeks ago, Mom moved to bathing Syd in the sink. I finally got a picture of it. Sydney is playing with a pumpkin washrag from Grandma Carole. It expands when it hits water — or saliva.