What’s Up

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Dad is in California today so no new pictures. However, we thought we should update you all on what is new with Syd. She has tried all of her veggies (peas, green beans, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots) and loves every one of them. Her favorites are peas and sweet potatoes, but will eat any of them. Fruits have … Read More

Kansas City

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Sydney and Mom cruised around Kansas City for the past few days. Here they are in the city square area near the hotel and convention center.

Party at the Holiday Inn

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Live and late from Hays, Kansas, Miss Sydney is wide awake. This bed is very cool because there is a mirror next to it that she uses to check herself out in. Hopefully she goes to bed soon. Although, she slept the whole way here.

Bundle Up

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Its been pretty warm so far this fall in Longmont, but tonight we are supposed to have our first frost. So for our nightly walk, Mom took extra care to bundle the baby up.