What’s Up

By KimA Day in the Life4 Comments

Dad is in California today so no new pictures. However, we thought we should update you all on what is new with Syd. She has tried all of her veggies (peas, green beans, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots) and loves every one of them. Her favorites are peas and sweet potatoes, but will eat any of them. Fruits have been a whole other story so far. She hasn’t eaten a fruit that she really likes so far. Applesauce, pears and bananas are tolerable in very small amounts before the lips are held tightly closed. Peaches are hated! She gags when she eats peaches, not sure if that is a genuine reaction or she is acting it up. AM she gets cereal and I try to get her to eat a little fruit. PM she gets a veggie and I try again with a little fruit. She starts with a sippie cup in a few weeks after her next doctor appointment.

Playtime is much more fun now. She sits up really well with her boppy/pillow behind her back. She highly prefers to play on her belly and can roll to whatever she wants to play with. She is obviously wanting to crawl but is increasingly frustrated because she can not do it yet. She can get up on her back legs but can’t get the movement of the front arms at all. She will lay on her belly and throw arms and legs around dramatically while screming because she can’t get to the toy a few inches in front of her. She is definitely wanting to crawl to stuff over rolling around to it. Her little tantrums are funny now. Hopefully, they aren’t a sign of what she will do when she doesn’t get her way in a few months.

She loves toys that she can make talk or sing to her. Especially her leap frog piano which she can play on her own. She also loves for us to read her books. Her favorite by far is ‘Brown Bear, brown bear, what do you see’ a gift from the Burkes.

Syd is still a very happy baby and loves meeting new people. She is a ham in public to whoever will talk to her and easily rewards them with a big smile and giggle. She is also becoming much more interested in little kids especially. She also LOVES our cats and dogs. They are learning to run from her now because she pulls out their hair.

Last of all she has finally figured out that the guy hanging out around here all the time is pretty cool. She loves to just stare at Daddy. Not sure what she is thinking when she strares at him. Oh, and she loves to type on his keyboard when he holds her. We are starting her early.