Home Again

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Mom & Sydney arrived home today with no problems. Thanks to everyone who took time to say hi to Sydney during her visit to Fort Wayne. See you again at Christmas, Fort Wayners.

Who Are All These People?

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Kim took about 100 pictures in the last few days of the visit. Here are a bunch of them. Visiting with Great Aunt Mae Sheffer, sister to Grandpa Herb. Once again hanging with my cousin Christian. I think these two look like they will be trouble in the next few years. Cousins Edward (he is grown up now) and Ryan. … Read More

And Then The Rains Came..

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Well, after 1 nice day at the lake — the rains came. It rained and rained. Then rained some more. Nearly a record. Flooding everywhere. So the the last 1/2 of the weekend was spent indoors sleeping, talking & playing with Sydney.