Heil Ranch

By BrandonAdventures2 Comments

We took Sydney for her second hike today. The first one went well — so we thought we would push it. We planned for a shorter hike because we got started later in the day. We went to Heil Ranch. Its very close to home. Only downside is that they do not allow dogs there because its an animal preserve of some sort. We did the quick 1+ mile Lichen Loop which ducks in and out of the trees. Sydney continues to make giggling sounds the entire time especially when the trees move and the wind blows. Its pretty funny. At one point when we stopped to get water, we wondered if she was thirsty. Turns out she was. We “cup fed” her a bunch of lid fulls of our water. Yummy. The other cute part is that Sydney holds onto my index fingers like they are motorcycle handle bars while we move along the trail. Seems to help keep her steady I guess. Another fun hike. Attention Colorado visitors, you will have to go hiking with Sydney when you come and visit. Get in shape! (We forgot baby suntan lotion again — bad parents.)