More Squash Please

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

So far Syd has enjoyed the new tastes of first carrots and then squash. I didn’t think the whole experience was going over well because she would hold her lips tightly closed at the spoonful of carrots coming her way (and then promptly spit them out). And then we tried Squash! I truthfully do not know too many people who would eat squash but Syd thinks its heaven on a spoon. She swallows her spoonful fast and immediately opens her mouth full for the next bite. If I am too slow she grabs the spoon and tries to shove it in her mouth. Though it normally goes up her nose instead. Tomorrow, we try sweet potatoes and then the green veggies start.

Since you have already seen pictures of Syd eating, we thought we would show you her next milestone. She has outgrown the newborn carseat and stroller combo and is now in her big girl carseat. She also gets to situp in her stroller now as opposed to lying down in the newborn combo facing backwards. Our walks are now always a joy since she gets to sit up and look forward at all the cool things around her.