Doctor Visit

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Today was Syd’s 4 month doctor visit. She weighed in at 14 pounds 11 ounces which puts her at the 75th percentile. She is 25 inches long which also puts her in at the 75th percentile. She must not be growing quite as fast any more as she used to be in the 97th percentile. So, maybe we won’t be dwarfed by our daughter someday. The topic of this visit was starting her on solids. Syd started Rice cereal last week which she loves. According to the doctor she is to start on her veggies next week. The evil woman at his office also poked her with really sharp needles four times. Needless to say we cried a lot after this and don’t think we are going to fall for that one again. This is the second time that has happened there. Syd doesn’t know that her next visit is in 2 months where she will get 2 more shots.