My First Hike

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Now that its cooling down a bit, the whole family decided it was time for Sydney’s first hike. We headed over to Button Rock, which is about 20 minutes from our house in the foothills. We hooked up the baby and the dogs and we were off. Its two miles uphill to the dam, our goal.


One of our stops along the way. The trail follows the river the whole way up so you hear lots of running water the whole time. The park service was nice enough to scatter restrooms along the way because the running water makes you think about pee pee — often.


At the dam, there is a huge wall that blocks the water and then it shoots out the bottom like a big firehouse. Mom and Sydney stopped to check it out. During the photo shoot, we noticed the dogs intently smelling a white stick. As I tried to get them to come away from it, I noticed ants on the stick. I decided that wasn’t normal and got them away from it promptly. Kim walked over to the white stick and determined that is was actually the partial leg of a deer. The hoof was still partially intact. Maybe we ought to get going before we are hunted down and killed.


All done. Sydney did great on the walk and was actually awake for nearly all of it. But she got a bit of sun today. Check out the red cheeks. We weren’t smart enough to sunscreen the baby. One thing at a time I guess — on the job training.