Who Are All These People?

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Kim took about 100 pictures in the last few days of the visit. Here are a bunch of them.

Visiting with Great Aunt Mae Sheffer, sister to Grandpa Herb.

Once again hanging with my cousin Christian. I think these two look like they will be trouble in the next few years.

Cousins Edward (he is grown up now) and Ryan. The hot chick is Edward’s girlfriend.

Not to be out done by the 4 generations of Fullers, the Coburns weigh in!


Kim pulls the double whammy with the 4 generations of Knoxes picture as well.


Visiting with Aunt Jamie.


Um, guys, can we get some help here? Christian is playing with dolls. Somebody needs to have a talk with Dave. Get that boy a truck or a hammer or something!


Herb, who is currently undergoing some type of voodoo back pain, even caught up with Sydney.


Visiting with Jim & Lois Horn.


If you don’t smile properly for the camera, we will be forced to embarass you on the Internet.


Grandpa Ron finally gets to see Sydney but Sydney is must more interested in Grandma’s finger. Tastes like?


Great Uncle Kurt


Visiting with the Lasley’s.


Sydney, there will be a test soon. Hope you are good with names!