Heil Ranch

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We took Sydney for her second hike today. The first one went well — so we thought we would push it. We planned for a shorter hike because we got started later in the day. We went to Heil Ranch. Its very close to home. Only downside is that they do not allow dogs there because its an animal preserve … Read More

Rollin, Rollin

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This kid is on a roll, literally. You put her down and she is on her back, then her belly, then back on her back, etc. She keeps moving all the time. Her other new pastime is singing, or yelling as I like to call it. She just talks really loud making noise. Its obvious that she knows she is … Read More

More Squash Please

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So far Syd has enjoyed the new tastes of first carrots and then squash. I didn’t think the whole experience was going over well because she would hold her lips tightly closed at the spoonful of carrots coming her way (and then promptly spit them out). And then we tried Squash! I truthfully do not know too many people who … Read More

Doctor Visit

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Today was Syd’s 4 month doctor visit. She weighed in at 14 pounds 11 ounces which puts her at the 75th percentile. She is 25 inches long which also puts her in at the 75th percentile. She must not be growing quite as fast any more as she used to be in the 97th percentile. So, maybe we won’t be … Read More