Flight Update

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Wouldn’t you just know that on the first flight Sydney takes, they get delayed on the runway for 2 hours! They ended up missing their connection in Chicago. So Mom & Syd are held up in the airport Hilton in Chicago. They will get into the Fort in the morning. The story was that Sydney was wonderful on the flight … Read More

My First Airplane Ride

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Well, Mom & Sydney left today for Sydney’s first airplane ride to Fort Wayne, Indiana. They took the camera so Dad will not have any photos for you for a little while but that should be OK since many of you will see her in person soon. If you see Sydney, make sure you get Mom to take a picture … Read More

Hey, That’s Our Kid

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The Burkes were visiting and of course they knew all the tricks to keep Sydney happy. Kim & Brandon kept going “well, Sydney likes this” and at that moment, she did not. We sounded stupid. The truth is Sydney has changed the rules over the last few weeks and Mom & Dad are remembering the earlier and more peaceful times. … Read More