My Babysitting Experience

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Guest blogger tonight, the baby sitter captain, Grandma Carole…

After much anticipation, the hour had finally arrived for me to begin my duties as Sydney’s babysitter.  Feeling very confident with my new role, I assured the reluctant parents that we would get along fine and they should be on their way.  After all, I brought along reinforcements.  Mimi…my secret weapon…someone that is known for her nuturing ways among the Fuller Family. 

We all had our assignments…Herb on yard duty, Mimi sewing draperies for the nursery, and Carole feeding Sydney a bottle of frozen breast milk.  Around dinnertime was when I realized that Sydney had a mind of her own and her statement was “where is my mother” and “why are you trying to fool me with this rubber nipple“.  Ok, time for reinforcements.  Mimi rocks, sings, pats and then tries the bottle with less success then I had.  There are more than one way to skin a cat…oops…excuse the pun.  Would you believe spoon feeding the milk from the bottle minus the nipple!  Belly full, pj’s on, stroller ride at dusk and life is good again.  God has blessed us and we are thankful for the experience.