I’m Driving

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Sydney had the pleasure of going with Dad as he bought his new toy on Saturday. When we got home, we shot some video of Sydney with the keys to the new toy, or so she thinks. We also took pictures of Sydney with Dad but they will not be posted because Dad was not looking so hot — because it was hot.  Its been over 100 each day here! So anyway, check out the new video. For those of you that keep claiming that you cannot see the video, you have to download Windows Media Player. There is a big button on the video page. If you can’t figure it out, contact your resident geek.

Today, Mom & Sydney got into it and Mom decided that Dad had to take Sydney outside. So it took 2 months until Mom got frustrated. But Sydney wasn’t happy doing anything but moving today so that is what we tried to keep doing. We think she is ready to start doing stuff but she isn’t quite physically there. You can see the frustration in her eyes when she tries to rollover and can’t quite get it. Its coming.

We also learned that Sydney’s Great Grandma Fuller — MiMi, to those in the know — will be coming to visit at the end of the month with the Fuller Grandparents.