Thanks, Cuz

By BrandonVisits2 Comments

Sydney and Christian enjoyed their first meeting, but there was little direct interaction because Christian is always cruising around and Sydney just lays there of course. Next year should be much more interesting. We did get some good video of one interaction that will be posted soon. The other large source of interaction was during car rides. They were both … Read More

On The Move

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So newborns lay there and one year old run around and crash. Christian is cruising the house checking everything out. We had to raise up all the fragile items as he likes to check stuff out.   Then he was cruising and he nailed the bed and cut his eyebrow.  Notice the red dot.

Angry Grandmas

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Geez…a Dad doesn’t post pictures for a few days and all hell breaks loose.  Sydney’s cousin is coming to visit so we will probably overwhelm you with millions of pictures of babies looking at babies.

Belly Time

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Sydney is enjoying her “gym” as they call it. Video of the latest play time. 2003-06-20 — On My Belly from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

A Post By Mom (Finally!)

By KimA Day in the Life

So, Syd is 6 weeks old today and going through her second growth spurt.  This means that she is a little more grouchy than normal and wants to eat much more often.  These add up to a tired Mom.  I tried doing some light yardwork today but Syd screamed every time I put her down.  We then came inside, she … Read More