A Different Perspective

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Tonight we have a special correspondent, Grandma Hakes, blogging: You knew Sydney was “Pretty in Pink”.  Now you know she’s “Pretty in Yellow” too.  Today’s morning jogging suit is a Carter’s knit and Sydney at 8 pounds 10 ounces as of yesterday at the doctor’s fits every square inch lengthwise, with room to growth widthwise.  Sydney is developing new habits of … Read More

Getting Better

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Each night is getting better as we all get our clocks adjusted to match up. The swing is a valuable place to put her when you need to get a few things done. Sydney had her first doctor’s appointment today and all went well….except for she peed all over the doctor when he took off her diaper. Sydney is in … Read More


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I posted one segment of the hours of footage over the last few days. More to come. Leave comments if you see it to let me know it worked out OK for you.  Click on the videos link over the left to view.

Mother’s Day

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Well, Kim was a Mom on Mother’s Day. Although, Mom got no sleep last night. Sydney has her days and nights mixed up right now so we get to have fun with that. Dad took over in the early morning so everybody else could get some sleep. Sydney laid on the floor with me on a pillow while the dogs … Read More

Home At Last

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Mom & Sydney were discharged from the hospital at noon today.  It got a little cold here last night so Sydney got bundled up good.  Its so odd that on the way to the hospital, guys want to drive like a maniac.  Its a guy’s once in a lifetime excuse to drive as fast as you can.  Then when you … Read More