Home At Last

By BrandonA Day in the Life7 Comments

Mom & Sydney were discharged from the hospital at noon today.  It got a little cold here last night so Sydney got bundled up good.  Its so odd that on the way to the hospital, guys want to drive like a maniac.  Its a guy’s once in a lifetime excuse to drive as fast as you can.  Then when you finally get to take the baby home, you drive like a Grandma (pardon me, Grandmas).  Driving with the hazards on, cursing at anyone who doesn’t follow the letter of the law, 15 miles an hour, slowing over bumps.  Man, things change.

Upon arriving home, we were greeted with balloons, signs & flowers.  All the animals were intrigued by this new creature and smelled her intently.  Mom took Sydney up to the nursery to feed her and everybody followed…it was a parade.  The dogs continued to smell the baby’s feet for some time and then layed down on the floor as shown below.  The funny moment came when Cosmo attempted to get up near Mom to say “welcome back”.  Dakota stood up, went towards Cosmo, and shoved him away from Mom with her head very softly.  Cosmo was confused and kept trying and Dakota easily lifted her lip and exposed some teeth.  Cosmo was a bit afraid.  One thing is for sure — this is Dakota’s baby.  If you plan on getting near the baby, you have to have her permission.  It was instictive.  As you can see, one big happy animal kingdom.