Nighty Night

By BrandonBirth10 Comments

Well, that was a long day.  30 more minutes and the birthday is over.  Things are pretty uneventful here — which is a good thing.  The plan is to go home on Saturday around noon.  We should have some neighborhood & friend visitors here tomorrow.  Mom & Sydney are getting this eating thing down pretty good — once Sydney wakes up.   She has been out most of the time.  Dad got a chance to run out and check on the other babies at home.  I will get more pictures up soon — but honestly they are all the same — Sydney sleeping.  Once she gets out of this sleepy phase (which is normal), we might be able to get some action shots.  Mom watched the birth tonight to re-live the experience.  I should have it online for you all this weekend.  Mom has been reading all your comments.  I think this worked out well for getting you the news as fast as we could.  BTW, ran into some of the folks from our prenatal class in the hall — she just delivered after 52 hours.  Our 14 now seems like nothing.  That’s it for today.  Big day is over…on with life.  Thanks for checking in.