All Nighter

By BrandonBirth4 Comments

Ok, this is starting to remind me of college days.  We are both pretty sleepy.  We have been trying nap in between checks from the docs.  Everytime you fall asleep the damn automatic blood pressure machine kicks in.  Just had the doctor in — Kim is at 7 cm (have to get to 10 cm).  She moved from 4 to 6 rather quickly but now its kind of slowing.  Next big check will be in two hours.  If progress is being made, things will continue this way.  If not, we will talk about alternatives.  To me the epideral seems to really slow down the contractions so its just a comfort vs. time trade-off I suppose.  Kim is snoring now – great.  Kim is getting a bit tired.  They just put the internal monitor on her so let me see if I can count – 1 tube in her back, 1 tube in her hand, 1 tube in her pee-pee, 1 tube in her vagina – oh and a blood pressure cuff.  Probably update you in a few more hours.