My Dad Made Me Wear This

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Today, I am sporting some outfit my Dad bought for me.  He thought it was very funny. I also have a Latitude one that I will wear once I soil this one. If its not “I love my Mommy or Daddy”, its now this corporate crap. I just want to wear a Barney, Sponge Bob or Veggie Tales shirt! BTW, … Read More

Video of Grandparents

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Today, we are posting more video content. We have visits from Grandma Hakes and Grandma & Grandpa Coburn. 2003-05-17 — Meet the Grandparents from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Bath Time

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Alright, alright…more pictures.  All she does is sleep and eat. As far as pictures, sleeping is boring, and eating — well, this isn’t a porn site.  So tonight was bath night — we don’t like baths.