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At the breastfeeding class tonight, we got the fun of being the closest due date.  It was fun to say “we are due SATURDAY“.  Everybody else was off in June or July or so.  Ah, the jealously.  We watched a video on feeding signs.  It was funny to see the babies lying there and when they wanted fed, they would either open their mouth and start wiggling their tongue, or put their hand in their mouths or even try and turn towards Mom’s breast.  The one Mom in the video went on to say how its so nice that her baby gives her signs when he wants to eat.  The kid has his mouth open with his tongue swinging around….that probably isn’t an indication of much else.

Mom went to the doctor today for the regular weekly checkup.  Nothing much new.  Mom lost 1 pound over the week.  Not eating as much because the kid takes all the room.  Took them a while to find the heartbeat — I am wondering if the baby is backwards or something.  Seems like its hard to find most of the time.  Mom never seems to ask the beats per minute so I do not have that data for you — not that it means that much to us technically.

One Grandma that I won’t name names on called 4 times tonight while we were gone.  Do you think I can report her to the Colorado no-call list?