Good Morning

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If you haven’t figured it out by now, we are at the hospital.  Kim’s contractions started getting worse around dinner time.  We waited it out until about 7pm then we packed up the car and headed to the hospital.  Contractions where 5-8 minutes apart and were lasting 1-2 minutes.  We arrived at the hospital and they put us in the triage room.  Here they monitor you for about an hour before you either get admitted or sent home.  They put Kim on the monitor and started measuring the baby’s hearbeat and the strength of the contractions.  They would come and go — no pattern seemed to be developing.  As we were out walking the halls trying to get things started, we ran into our doctor.  After talking with him, we all decided that now is the time.  Kim was admitted at 9:15pm. 

The contractions started getting stronger.  Kim took a nice jacuzzi bath as they continued to increase.  After the bath, she hit record highs and lengths for the contractions.  Luckily, the “superman” doc just finished up surgery and was available for the epideral — “Yes, Please.”   Epideral was adminstered at 11:45pm. Contractions stop for a while after the procedure which provided some relief as she waited for the medicine to kick in.

Kim is now relaxing.  She falls asleep for a bit and then wakes up.  Dad is on the laptop keeping all of you in the loop.

I am expecting a baby to show up around 4am MT.  We will see.  Thanks for all your kind comments today.  Update you soon…

Its Starting?

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We have contractions….at least some small, spread out ones.  Got as close as 7 minutes apart this morning around 6am but then later died off.  Still at home of course.

Your Daily Update

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The update is that there is no update.  Mom is fine.  We are starting to think the baby is stubborn.  Yesterday at the doctor’s appointment, the doctor did something to the membrane in or near the cervix that is supposed to help things along.  That didn’t seem to work.  It did caused some discomfort to Mom.  But Dad won the prize for discomfort yesterday — after hours of painstaking self-surgery on the couch, a small piece of wood was removed from deep within his foot!