I Go Both Ways

By KimMilestones2 Comments

So, this morning Syd woke up crying about one hour before her normal time. Thinking she would go back to sleep I let her cry for a few minutes until I noticed her getting more panicky. When I went into her room she was on her belly completely but squished up against the rails of the crib. For those of … Read More

I’m Driving

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Sydney had the pleasure of going with Dad as he bought his new toy on Saturday. When we got home, we shot some video of Sydney with the keys to the new toy, or so she thinks. We also took pictures of Sydney with Dad but they will not be posted because Dad was not looking so hot — because … Read More

Thanks, Cuz

By BrandonVisits2 Comments

Sydney and Christian enjoyed their first meeting, but there was little direct interaction because Christian is always cruising around and Sydney just lays there of course. Next year should be much more interesting. We did get some good video of one interaction that will be posted soon. The other large source of interaction was during car rides. They were both … Read More

Belly Time

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Sydney is enjoying her “gym” as they call it. Video of the latest play time. 2003-06-20 — On My Belly from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Fuller Grandparents On Video

By BrandonVisits3 Comments

Ok, its not Girls Gone Wild, but it will have to do. Some post-race video with the Fuller Grandparents for your viewing pleasure. 2003-06-08 — Fuller Grandparents from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.