Pop Evil @ Summit Music Hall

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With school out, I figured it was a perfect evening to take Sydney to a rock show with me. We got lucky because most indoor venues don’t allow anyone under 16 into shows. However, Summit Music Hall is all ages by design and that makes it a great place to see a smaller show for budding rock kids. I have … Read More

My First Real Rock Concert

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When this line up and venue was announced, I was super excited. Why? An all ages venue with my daughter’s two favorite bands on the bill. Sign us up! I have dreamed of taking Sydney to her first rock show for years now. I am ahead of the curve. But the mother kept saying, “Not yet”. She is wise. But … Read More

Rev Theory: My First Concert

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Tonight is Cruefest. I am not going. You couldn’t pay me to watch Motley Crue. However, a bunch of other bands on the bill that I like and/or love. However, I am on hiatus this month from shows given the impending childbirth. So no show for me tonight. Well, last night, I was poking around and found out that my … Read More