Back to School – 2nd Grade

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It’s that time of year again. No more sleeping in, swimming all day or just goofing off with your friends. Today Sydney heads back to school as a second grader. She once again has a really small class with only 12 of her best buds. So we expect another great year with tons of special attention from the teacher and lots of learning. I asked Syd what kids she wanted in her class again and she said, “I like everyone but I MUST have Madison with me.” Happy to say best buddy Madison will be partnering in crime with her again this year. Second grade focus seems to be on spelling and book reports, ugh! Her teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, is big on field trips so this year should be a blast.

Sydney got up early to her alarm and was dressed and ready to go all on her own. She was moaning over the last few days about going to school. But, this morning she couldn’t hide the excitement for school.

First Day of Second Grade

First Day of Second Grade

Oops, the crazies have set in already. Looks like we’re headed towards another year with “Silly Sydney” as her classmates call her. Hope Mrs. Hoffman can handle this…

First Day of Second Grade

Mommy is usually pretty excited about the kids heading back to school. But, no so much this year. I am losing my babysitters. Guess its time for Mom to get back to work too.

  • Nana

    Sydney, I enjoyed visiting your classroom and meeting your teacher on our recent visit to Colorado. Those math problems really take alot of thought ..well, for me at least. Good Luck with second grade!