Ding Dong

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This past fall, Sydney joined the Girl Scouts! She is in Daisies right now. This is the level before Brownies, which is before true Girl Scouts. It is how first graders get started in scouting. So far they have taken several field trips to interesting places. However, this month is the big cookie rally and…


You read this blog all the time and it is a free service at the expense of Sydney. So now is your chance to repay Sydney for the 6+ years of enjoyment you (may) have gotten from this blog. But I am not going to let her get off that easy. So I made her do her sales pitch to me on camera. So pretend your doorbell just rang. Go answer the door! Are you still sitting there?

Have a look at the list and pick out your favorite kinds. Then double your order! Remember, Thin Mints are best eaten a sleeve at a time — at least that is my rule.

Note: We just figured out that the girl scout list online contains a few cookies that the girls are not selling this year. Those not available include the Daisy-Go-Rounds, the Thanks-a-lots and the Lemonades. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Guess we didn’t look at the list close enough. Thanks again for the orders!!!

Cookies are $3.25 a box.

So here is the drill. Then leave a comment here on this post with your order. That way we can build momentum between cookie lovers. Specify quantity and type. Sydney gets the cookies in early February. We will prepare the order and ship them to you (I will pay the shipping). If I don’t have your address, I will email you around that time to get it. You can mail us a check or send via PayPal upon receipt of cookies.

Order away! I will try and keep you posted on Sydney’s sales totals. She only gets to sell for 2 weeks so order today. Quantities are limited. Operators are standing by!

  • Sydney,

    I’m dangerously close to dipping below 160 lbs! I’ll order cookies but your Dad has to bring them to me on a run…. and eat some with me!

    1 Thin Mints

    1 Samoas

    1 Tagalong

    1 Do-Si-Dos

    1 Trefoils

    1 Lemon Chalet Cream

    Thanks, J.P.

  • Sophie


    I really want to help Sydney for what she is doing. But unfortunately I’m living too far away (France) and I am afraid the shipping will be too expensive.

    However I enjoyed your “adventures” since a few years now (thanks 😉 ) and so I was wondering can I send you the money via Paypal and then just give the boxes to Sydney and Reagan ?

    Just let me know…


  • Grandma C

    Syd, Papa told me that when you called him, he ordered three boxes. Whatever! I didn’t get this fat by watching what I eat, so….sign me up for 2 Thin Mints; 2 Samoas; 2 Tagalongs; 2 Do Si-Dos; 1 Thank You Berry Much and 1 Dulce de Leche. Belch. Bring it on!

  • Christy Clevenger


    Sign me up for 2 boxes of tagalongs and 1 box of lemonades. I will give the money to your grandma Fuller.



  • Bobette Proxmire

    Please order me one box of thin mints and one box of Lemonades. Send to Nana…Thanks!Bobette

  • Kim

    Wow, Grandma! Thanks for the generous order. Syd will be on the way to her goal in no time. Oh, and don’t worry about getting fat off of the cookies. That just means there will be more of you to hug on.

  • Kim

    Hey Sophie. Thank you so much for offering to buy girl scout cookies from Sydney. But, you really don’t need to do that. It was so very nice of you to offer to help her out. We did look up the shipping costs to France and you were right, it would be very expensive. But, we would have loved to send you some if the shipping weren’t so high. Sydney was so excited when you wrote to her to tell her you could understand her schools’ Nations Day song. She even told her teacher that a person from France saw the video and loved their songs. It really meant a lot to Sydney. So thanks again for your well wishes. But, really don’t feel like you need to buy cookies. Again, we really appreciate the thought! Best Wishes to you!

  • Kim

    Hey, Christy and Bobette.

    Thank you both for the cookie orders. Sydney was so excited to get online orders. 🙂 However, we just figured out after your order that they aren’t selling the lemonades this year. I am not sure why they are on the online list if the girls aren’t selling them???? Could we interest you in the lemon cremes instead? We tried them at the cookie rally and they were Sydney’s favorites.

    Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again for your orders!!!! – Kim

  • Barbi


    I really would like to order some boxes of cookies from you, Syd but I’m too far, like Sophie.

    I live in Europe, Hungary. So.. I’m so sorry Syd. 🙂

    Keep going!

    Best Wishes:


  • Becky VanDenDriessche


    Please send me 2 boxes of Thin Mints via Nana Fuller. Thanks, Hope you win the Panda.

  • Roger Bruck

    One box of Trefoils please, send with Nana’s order and good luck!

  • Nana Fuller

    Sydney, my friend Martha Hernandez wants to order

    1 box thin Mints and 1 box Tagalongs. Thanks!

  • betty scott


    I’m Nana’s friend, Betty, and I would like to order 6 boxes of cookies. 2 tagalongs, 2 thin mints, 2 samoas. Please send them to Nana’s house and I will pay her. My daugher Kristin was a girl scout and I was her leader for 1 year. It was fun!

  • JMock

    I’ll take a box of these new white chocolate cranberry ones I heard about and then a box of the peanut butter chocolate covered ones.

    Thanks – one of B’s running buds

  • Cindy Kacsor


    Your little video sold me! I will take the following yummy cookies: (1) trefoils, (2) carmel delights (1) thins mints 5 total

    You go girl sell those cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Fuller

    Please order…2 thin mints and 2 Trefoils!

    Good Luck!

  • Kristin Alles


    I’m a friend of your aunt Natalee’s and she told me you were selling cookies this year. I was a girl scout for 18 years, and had a blast. Sign me up for two boxes of Tag a longs. You can ship to Natalee.

  • 2 Boxes Thin Mints

    1 Box of Tagalongs

    1 Box of Dosi-Dos


  • Mae & Wendell Sheffer

    Please order 2 boxes of Samoas for us. Thanks

    and good luck.

  • Nana

    Hi Sydney, I have one more cookie order for you from Tonya & Mike.

    1 box thin mints

    1 box tagalongs or peanut butter patties

    Are you near your goal????