Nations Day

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School — Sydney is always practicing something to memorize! Whether it be a song, a verse, a poem — whatever it is, we hear it 100 times before the big day. Half the time, Reagan knows it by heart too after hearing it so much. So lately, Syd started singing in French. What the heck is that all about?

Well, today was Nations Day at Sydney’s school. In the month leading up to this day, each class throughout all grades learns things about a specific nation. Sydney’s class went with France. Last year she had Mexico. There are a few hundred countries so I am not sure if she is going to get them all by 8th grade! As part of this, the kids practice a routine and perform it in front of the whole school with parents invited to attend as well.

Nations Day

The school was off for the 2 days prior to this because of snow. So the hiatus probably caused a few quirks because they didn’t get to rehearse the days before the show but they made it happen! Sydney had to be the leader that starts the circle — she was chosen for her attention to detail. I think they call that OCD when you get older.

  • Sophie

    Good job Sydney !!

    I’m french and I understood everything. It’s some little songs I was singing at her age.

    This school is great !