Bike Trail

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Mom was sick today so I took Sydney and Reagan for a bike ride. Reagan was in the bike trailer but Sydney was sporting her new skills on the bike trail. This was a big change from normal street riding because you have to navigate sharp turns, fast hills, and other bikers! We ended up at Golden Ponds where the kids took out their journals and recorded what they saw.

Bike Ride

On the way back, Sydney got excited and was going fast over this bridge that ends in a T-turn. Oops. Suddenly, she nailed the bike trailer and went down. Crying started. I got her right back on as soon as I could with the lure of McDonalds ice cream just down the street.

Bike Ride
  • Grandma C

    Ahem….elbow pads????? Sorry about your boo-boo, Syd. I love you.

  • Nana Fuller

    Yep..she’s right..elbow pads please! Listen to the GRANDMAS