Happy 5th Birthday!

By BrandonMilestones3 Comments

After sitting patiently through Reagan‘s multi-day birthday celebration, Sydney finally got the answer she wanted to the most important question of the year — how many days until my birthday? Zero! Its today!

Sydney's 5th Birthday

We went out to eat the night before her birthday and told them it was her birthday. Had to convince Sydney in the car to tell them it was her birthday. She couldn’t decide which place to eat at because so many places do cool stuff on your birthday. So we played it up and did it twice! Odd because when you get older and your party tells them its your birthday, you keep trying to get away to the bathroom so you can hide from the singing!

Then we came home and opened a variety of presents that had arrived for her. Here is some video of the party and her birthday cake!

Happy Birthday to our BIG girl!

  • Nana Fuller

    Papa & I enjoyed your birthday videos and wished we were there.You sure have a lot of nice friends.

    Love always,

    Nana & Papa

  • Grammie

    Hope you had a great birthday, Sydney Ballerina. Papa and I still laugh about your comment when we asked what we should get you for your 5th birthday. We asked if you wanted a baby doll. You slowly replied … “Whatever you want to get. Maybe a Baby Doll or some jewelery would be good.”

    Oh, how my heart swells!

    Grammie & Papa

  • Aunt Steph

    Happy Birthday Sydney!! I love the purple dress.