4 Years Old

By BrandonMilestones7 Comments

Today is Sydney’s birthday! She came into our room at about 6 AM wondering where her presents were. Its not Christmas. The big birthday party with friends and family will be this Saturday.


Mom made me a wonderful cake for my special day!

  • Wow, what a beautiful little girl you have become. I am still so sad to not have a three year old anymore. I guess if you have to grow up at least we are so lucky to have such a good girl. Happy Birthday Baby!!

  • Jennifer Delp

    Happy birthday Sydney!!!


    You were two when I first found your blog! You have grown so much!! 😀

    I am working on her montage now 🙂 Do you mind if they have the same songs?

  • Jennifer Delp

    for some reason onetruemedia is not letting my upload any pics right now (i think i exceeded the limit since I have the free version), so I will have to try again some other time. please remind me if I wait too long!

  • Aunt Jamie

    Happy Birthday Syd, I hope you had a great day, thank you and Reagan for my card, I loved it. I hope to see you girls soon. I Love You.

  • Aunt Stephanee

    Happy Birthday Big Girl!!

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday, sweetheart! 4-years old! Wow!

  • Sophie

    Hi sydney! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 4 years old Wow!!You are a BIG girl now. I hope you enjoyed your party and had a good time with your lil sister!

    You look like a real princess with your beautiful dress and crown 🙂