• Nana Fuller

    Hi Sydney! You are visiting my very favorite spot…San Francisco. Hope you have time to feed the sea lions and ride the cable cars. Have fun!

    Love you!

  • Sophie

    Hi Sydney! That’s cool to see you!! You are in a very nice state! Have fun…


  • G’ma C

    Wish that luggage cart read, “Welcome to Grammie and Papa’s house.” Love you!

  • visitor

    Hi Sidney and family,

    Was just trolling around looking for pictures of Puerto Vallarta and found your awesome photoblog. Your Elmo costume is the best Halloween costume I’ve ever seen.

    Have fun in San Fran, and keep up the cuteness!


  • Lene Marie

    Hey there Fuller Family!!!

    I just wanted to say that I love your photoblog`S…

    I really like the way you photograph your kids and family… It`s “life” in your photos,(If you know what I mean)… I spent about two houers yesterday just watching the photos of your sweet kids… I think you have done a grate job photographing them… They look very happy, and I think it`s great that you take them on so many events and trips…

    It makes me happy to see that people spend much time with theyr children, and gives them the love and attention they deserve. 🙂 😉 🙂

    ~Lene Marie~ 18. Norway!! 🙂

  • Mimi Fuller

    Sydney, I enjoyed watching you serve dinner to your Grandma Charlee! Hope to see you at the lake this summer. Love You!