Dress Up Party

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

Every night after bath time, I have to endure dress up time wherein Sydney becomes several different people in the course of about an hour. I used to be much more productive in the evenings. Now you can see where my times goes! And I only have 1 girl doing this right now — wait until its both!

  • Erik

    Wow, she’s so well spoken! It’s so interesting to listen to her talk 🙂

  • Jennifer Delp

    hey sydney? what is a butt for? lol. looks lik you had fun! can’t wait to see boh you and reagan play dress up!

  • Christian

    I really like your Cinderalla. I want to come over and Play!

  • Nana + Papa Fuller

    Wow…this video is by far your best production! We really enjoyed it. Brandon do YOU know what a butt is for?

  • Amanda Scherr

    Hi. You don’t know me, but I think your daughter is adorable! Sorry, this probably seems really weird… my name is Amanda I am 12 years old. If you live any where near Victoria, British Columbia, I’d be happy to babysit her sometime! Once again, sorry about the weirdness. Email me! mandinator_figureskater@hotmail.com


    Amanda Scherr