Happy Halloween

By KimA Day in the Life6 Comments

Boy do I LOVE Halloween. I got to hand candy out to all sorts of gouhls, princesses, and other little monsters. This was almost as fun as the actual trick or treating. Dad just left the door open and I stood watch for more kids.


Then Mommy took me trick or treating around our street. As soon as the doors opened I shouted “Trick or Treat” and held my bucket over my head for all the candy. As I left every house I would begin muttering, “Gotta get more candy” until we made it to the next house. Then we headed home and it was Daddy’s turn to take me around to lots more houses. We had a blast until a scary Monster jumped out at us from one porch. After that I was ready to get home. I made out like a bandit. Three buckets of candy in all.

Like a great big sister I shared my loot with the little pumpkin. She had to stay home so its the least I could do.

  • Grandma Hakes

    What a wonderful Halloween you ladies had. It sounds GREAT!!!!!! Three buckets for a 3 year old is outstanding, but I’m sure the bucket on the head trick was what really cinched it. Sydney, you are so RESOURCEFUL!!! — Love you honey, kiss Reagan for Grandma and Papa Hakes.

  • Grandma Hakes

    Of course you’re not really 3 yet, but I’m thinking like your Aunt Stephanie – when she was 2 she said, I’m almost 3; when she was 15, I’m almost 16. Girls are like that you know — Grandma Hakes

  • jennifer crocker

    Hi Elmo!!!!!! Hi pumpkin!!!!! – AJaye & Nate

  • Nana+Papa Fuller

    Glad that you all had a good time on Halloween. We didn’t have very many trick or treater this year only a few neighbors. Papa suggested that I take the candy to my aerobics class that evening and they loved it!

  • hali

    hi i like the costume

  • ein

    i love elmo he rocks lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!