Beach Time

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

We took everyone over to the reservoir today for some beach time. I made Sydney a chair to sit in.


As kayaks would go by, Sydney always had to yell, “Look! Its a boat!”.


Sydney doesn’t like getting in more than waist deep because she feels like she is going to fall. I keep pushing her deeper. Finally, I gave up and just took her out the easy way.

  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd, you guys should have come down to the beach with us. We had a great cookout and an even better fireworks show. We miss you and Reagan, Tell Mommy and Daddy hello. XOXO

  • Nana Fuller

    Sydney, be careful of what your Daddy builds in the sand. I remember seeing what resembled some body parts on the beach in Hawaii

  • G’ma C

    Hey, Beach Baby. Hurricane Dennis passed us by. We’re getting thunderstorm bands and high winds. Just got back from eating Mexican. Ummmm! Love you.