Time to Feed the Baby

By KimA Day in the Life4 Comments

I know many of you didn’t believe it so here is a photo. Baby Baa was hungry so time for NeNe to feed the baby. Notice the towell in her hand. After the baby is done eating she yells, “Oh no, my milk splashed”, and wipes herself down. It is always quite the crisis to spill the milk.

  • eburke

    ha — ajaye did the exact same thing when nathan was born. too funny.

  • Grandma Hakes

    She is going to be so embarrassed when she’s 17 and you show this to all her friends. It is so cute — she’s a very bright young lady. We KNEW SHE WOULD BE!! Grandma Hakes

  • G’ma C

    Hey,now…it’s been 8 days, isn’t that baby full yet?

  • G’ma C

    Hey, now…it’s been 8 days; isn’t this baby full yet?