I happened across your Internet photos (which appear to go 2 years back) while doing a search on the name “Natalee.” I just thought I would let you know that your family photos (including your children’s) are accessible to the entire world. I’m sure it’s a wonderful way to share your photos with distant family and friends, but safety experts would agree that it is not safe. There are websites that allow you to upload your photos and provide your family and friends with a password, so only they can view the photos in a safe environment. Just thought I’d share this info, from one mom to another. Have a safe day :)!

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    I came over this site today, and think you should continue to share your familyphotos – there is no harm in doing that, safety “experts” will allways tell you to do this and to do that, no matter what you do. The pictures are so cute and happy, and many of the texts make me laugh :D! Keep it up 🙂