My Feet

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The girls had some photos taken last month to celebrate Sydney’s 2nd birthday and Reagan‘s first month. For you old schoolers, we mailed out some of the hard copies of the pictures the other day. Should be receiving them today. However, we didn’t get prints of all the shots but we do have digitals of them. So I will leak 1 a day onto the web site. If you see any you like, let us know and I can email you the full size version and you can print it yourself if you like.

We start with the artistic feet shot.

  • Nana Fuller

    Whew… sign of the Fuller/Bruck toe problem!

  • G’ma C

    Uhmmm…Nana you’re scaring me about possible toe problems. Are we talking webbed, +/- five per foot, or talons?

  • Nana Fuller Grammie nothing that serious (loved the webbed part) We are not sure if this condition is congential or hereditary within the family tree but we just keep an eye out for it! It is called the dreaded longer second toe syndrome…a bony protrusion that grows longer then the big toe!

  • G’ma C

    Nana, are we sisters? I have that!

  • Nana Fuller

    Grammie, I think your right….sole sisters that is!

  • jennifer delp

    oh no! i have a second toe twice as long as the big toe! oh how i dread my french fry toes i got from my dad!

  • Charlotte

    Aww pretty little toes Sydney x


    We happened to find your picture and would like to speak with you about using it on the cover of our podiatry catalog. 866-390-3338

  • Dashi

    can you send me this foto in bigger size?

  • Dashi

    can you send me this feet in bigger size on my e-mail?