Gymnastics Is Over

By BrandonMilestones2 Comments

Today was the last day of Sydney’s first year of gymnastics. She started class last September with Mom. When Mom found out she was pregnant with Reagan, she asked me to take over so she wouldn’t have morning sickness during class. The first few class were painful — herding cats comes to mind. Then as I started learning how to encourage Sydney and show her how to do things, she started learning. My usual technique was to do the move myself and act like it was really hard and make lots of sounds, usually grunts.

Mom even came back today to class to see how Sydney had progressed over the past few months!

Now suddenly, class is over for the summer. Sydney will get to move on to a bigger kids class where the parents do not have to attend on the floor with the kid. That is bittersweet. It was so fun to have something for Sydney and I to do together that helped her learn, grow, and get stronger. It was a great experience. Boo Hoo…How about a bunch of pictures?

  • Nana+Papa Fuller

    Really great memories….especially loved the butt picture!

  • G’ma C

    Grammie is a gymnastics drop-out. I went into hysterics when Miss Debbie gleefully shouted, “Let’s all stand on our hands and kick up our feet!”