You Take My Breath Away

By BrandonVisits2 Comments

After putting the Coburns on babysitting duty while we went and saw Star Wars, we finally decided to let them get out into the colorful country today. We drove up into the mountains and ended up in Frisco for some walking. C’mon, guys! Altitude getting to ya?


Later, Sydney got out of the stroller and decided she had to poo-ssh (Sydney speak) the stroller herself.


Enough city walking, let’s see some sights! Um, where are her shoes?


There…we went to the lake on Memorial Day weekend. I kept yelling “Ne Ne” to get Sydney to look at me. She wouldn’t…then she turned and pointed at her chest and yelled “I Ne Ne” to me. Snap. Got the picture.


On the way back to town, the Coburns climbed (out of the Hummer) this mountain for a pretty picture as the sun started to set. The city of Golden is down to the right.

  • Nana+Papa Fuller

    Beautiful picture of you three! Sydney and Reagan are very lucky little girls to have such jet- setting Grandparents!

  • G’ma C

    As soon as Syd picked us up at the airport she pointed her little finger at Papa and laughingly said, “Papa funny!” The rest of the week, I would put my finger to my mouth and say “Sssh,” while I touched Papa’s hair. He’d quickly turn around and ask Syd if she did it, and she would end up in hysterics. Oh, the simple pleasures of life!