Webcam Update

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

Ok, Syd’s webcam is now back up and running. Mom decided that since Syd was turning 2 years old, it was time that she not have the camera in her room anymore. Although, it was a nice mechanism to allow us to see if she was really napping or just playing. Oh well. So the alternative location is the new playroom. Syd should be there during watching hours often anyway. So have a look at the first live glimpse of the new basement playroom.

  • G’ma C

    Syd, it’s story hour. Once upon a time there was this ol’ grannie woman who lived in Florida. She had beautiful grandchildren in Colorado, so her brilliant son-in-law set up a blog and webcam for each child. This made the grannie and papa so happy, for they could see the children, even if they could not be with them. Suddenly, the old granny woman was so lonesome for her grandbabies, she would check the blog sites 6-7, sometimes 9 times a day. Unfortunately, the blogs were not updated for days, and so the old grannie starting surfing the web, and discovered eburke’s website with his children. And so, the grannie woman lived happily ever after with her laptop.

  • Glad you found a diversion. However, I have a story of a Dad that is not getting a lot of sleep (Mom gets far less) and has to get up around 7 AM to work with the construction crew to finish the basement this week, while at the same time relocating a fish tank (this is a big deal if you know fish), and trying to keep 4 woman in the house happy, oh and cleaning up the house today so I could host the neighborhood bored meeting. Needless to say I am kinda exhausted but Mountain Dew keeps me alive. We will try and get back to normal soon. But all the pictures (if there were any) would be of everyone napping because that is what the ladies do quite often.

  • G’ma C

    A stalker doesn’t care what she watches! Now that the playroom webcam is in place, that should help. Night, night; get some sleep, Mom and Dad.