Playdoh Creatures

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

Today, Mom broke out a new toy for us to work on together. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. You get cans of this squishy stuff that you can rip, tear, pound, and make all sorts of shapes. Even cooler yet, this stuff came with all sort of animals body parts. So, you can take a blob of this stuff and insert the body parts and wa-la you have an animal. Check out just a few of my creations. Mommy couldn’t stop laughing at my masterpieces. Not sure what was so funny?

  • G’ma C

    Another budding artist in the family! I think your creations are pretty neat.

  • Grandma Hakes

    Another artist? Where’s the first one? Must be the Fuller,Bruck or Coburn side — it’s definitely not Knox. Although I do hear Grandma Mary is a bit of an artist, but I can guarantee you Grandpa Hakes doesn’t have an artistic bone in his body. He can’t even draw a FISH in pictionary. Beautiful animals honey — Grandma is very pleased! Give Mom and Dad a kiss! Love Grandma and Grandpa Hakes

  • Jennifer Delp

    wow! that’s pretty good animals she made. i bet even i couldn’t make play-doh animals like that!